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Diplomatic Immunity - ''Molested Catholic'' Ticket DISMISSED!!!

I was Dismissed by the El Cajon, CA Traffic Court System TODAY, I am in Tears !!!!!

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San Diego, CA Monday, January 10th, 2010 3:49 PM
Shunned away from EL CAJON, CA Traffic Courts for being a Molested Catholic given Diplomatic Immunity!!!!!!
I was Dismissed by the El Cajon, CA  Traffic Court System TODAY, I am in Tears !!!!!
I showed up to plead Not Guilty at my Possible Jury hearing today for a Traffic Ticket.  I handed my Molested Catholic ID Card, (See Attached)  and California License to the Court clerk with a photo copy of my Traffic Ticket, She was very QUIET.
The Very NICE Court Clerk could not find my Ticket???  The California Park Ranger that gave it to me had to Write “Molested Catholic” on the Ticket per my request.  Diplomatic Immunity applies to the “Molested Catholic”Ticket DISMISSED!!!   THANK YOU VATICAN for giving ME, Ken Kosiorek, A molested catholic, DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY from a traffic crime committed!!!THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU
I am not worthy of being fined, I was told by the Court Clerk to “GO AWAY”
I had the Very Nice Clerk give me a receipt (See Attached) to prove I showed up for the Ticket Court Date on time that had “Molested Catholic” (See Enclosed) written on the ticket by the California Park Ranger.  The Receipt also has “Molested Catholic” written by the very nice clerk.   She also saw my Molested Catholic ID CARD and I offered her to make copies to give the Very Nice Staff of Clerks.
Went to the District Attorney’s Bonnie M Dumanis County of San Diego on the5th floor to Discuss Diplomatic Immunity for Religious Clergy and Diplomats?    Which Religion should have Diplomatic Immunity?.  The District Attorney’s office had me speak with VERY HELPFUL Stephen A.Long with results of him telling me to go ask these questions of the FEDERAL COURT HOUSE.  He was not sure how to address and/or define Diplomatic Immunity in writing. Do only Diplomats have or Catholic Clergy, and if Catholic Clergy, Then Does that mean the Roman Catholic Church control the Courts system in the United States of America? THE WORLD???
DIALOG has been started with Stephen!!!!! An Officer of the US Court System for Molested Catholics!!!
Stephen A. Long – Very Caring Man who wants to help Molested Catholics!
Criminal Investigator Bureau of Investigations
250 E. Main Street 5th Floor
El Cajon, CA 92020
Phone #619 441 4414
After Hours 619 234 4148
Fax 619 441 4371
Ken Kosiorek – Healing Left Handed Shunned, Taxed, Navy Veteran, Hurt by NUNS, Molested Catholic
2121 Seagull Lane
San Diego, CA 92123
858 279 6344

 You can obtain your own Molested Catholic identity here

Lost Original Ticket [PDF]

Lost ticket [PDF]
Call Ticket [PDF]

Diplomatic Immunity - ''Molested Catholic'' Ticket DISMISSED!!!

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